Consists of two or more selections that must win or push in order to have a winning ticket.

arbitrage (arb)

Placing multiple bets through different betting platforms in order to cover different outcomes. Read more...


Money set aside from other potential uses to be utilized for betting purposes


Shorthand for Bookmaker, which is the venue that publishes odds and accepts bets.

closing line

The final odds assigned to a bet before it stops accepting news bets or the competition has started.


A team can cover an assigned spread by winning a match they are favored to win. For example, if Philadelphia beats New York by a score of 40-20 and the initial spread was -10, they have covered. If they only win 29-20, they would not cover.


Commonly used for live betting purposes, a moneyline can shift--or "drift"--to better reflect the odds of winning.


A handicap is utilized by bookmakers to level odds and manage risk. This is seen best through games where the odds are heavily lopsided, and thus a point handicap may be assigned (ex: -3).